Reports 2021

Gunfleet Sailing Club held its long distance race for the Jim Suckling Trophy last Sunday 11 July which, after a closely fought sail, was won by Ken Potts in his Laser.

After last week’s appalling weather stopped the Gunfleet Sailing Club from completing its race for the Tee Dee Challenge Cup the plan was to rerun it on Sunday 4 July in more suitable conditions.  As the competitors arrived for the second attempt the wind freshened and the rain fell, and for a while it looked doubtful that anyone would get on the water; however, it wasn’t long before the rain stopped, the strong winds abated, and the sun broke through.

Gunfleet Sailing Club’s race for its oldest trophy – the Tee Dee Challenge Cup was held in very unsettled conditions last Sunday 27 June 2021.  Under heavy dark cloud, and in a north/north-easterly gusting wind the competitors soon found it quite a handful once afloat.  First casualty was Brian Allen when his kicking strap broke and he subsequently capsized; any hope of an “afloat” repair was clearly out and he was forced to return to shore.

Mixed weather greeted members of the Gunfleet Sailing Club on Sunday 20 June when they took part in the race for the Bill Geddes Trophy, with John Tappenden taking the winning gun in his RS Aero after three laps of exciting tussles.  

Twelve dinghies took to water at Gunfleet Sailing Club on Sunday 13 June when the single-handed race for the Toppo Trophy was staged, with the Cadet Single Helm Cup going to the first Under 18 year old home.  The event was one of the Club’s three in one races with all three results counting towards the final positions.

Gunfleet Sailing Club held its race for the Jubilee Cup last Sunday 6 June in very light airs, a flat sea, and unbroken sunshine, with John Tappenden winning the trophy, in his RS Aero, by just five seconds.

Gunfleet Sailing Club held its race for the London Trophy last Sunday 30 May in, what turned out to be, quite lively conditions, resulting in a clear win for Ken Potts in his Laser.

Gunfleet Sailing Club held its first pursuit race on Sunday 16 May, for the Ken Potts Challenge Trophy, with the winner being no less than the donor of the Trophy, Ken Potts in his Laser.  

Gunfleet Sailing Club held another of its three in one events on Sunday 9 May, this time for the Wallet Trophy, with three back to back races, all of which count towards each competitor’s overall position.  Conditions proved interesting as whilst the wind direction remained a fairly constant south-easterly direction its strength varied from a light force 2, up to a force 4, back to a force 2 before settling at a 3.  

Gunfleet Sailing Club members came out in force last Sunday 2 May 2021 to take part in the final race in the Spring Series, with an outright winner still very much in the air.

Gunfleet Sailing Club members had another great day on the water last Sunday 18 April when they took part in the first race of the Spring Series.  On arrival at the Club the competitors were greeted by a northerly wind but by the time they got afloat it had veered north-easterly and fallen away.  At the start Andy Dunnett was a tadge over-eager and found himself on the wrong side of the line in his Laser.  Peter Downer had also pushed his luck in his Comet but both reacted promptly, as the individual recall flag was hoisted, returning to correctly start and so minimise lost time.

Gunfleet Sailing Club held some exciting sailing last Sunday 11 April 2021 when it staged one of its special “3 in 1” races for the Hertford County Shield.  The event consists of three back to back races, over a short course, with all three results counting towards the overall positions.  The bright sunshine was deceiving as a cold offshore wind, varying from force three to force five, blew over the top of the cliff, and the competitors made a fine sight as they bunched together in readiness for the first race.

Gunfleet Sailing Club welcomed an enthusiastic group of sailors on Easter Sunday in the first race of the 2021 season, for the March Hare Trophy, postponed from the previous Sunday due to the Covid restrictions.  After a very exciting battle on the water it was Andy Cornforth that claimed victory, in his Laser, by just one second.