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........and the Wednesday evening sailing continues

This Sunday 10 July we hold the Fleet Championship which, this year, is a race with a difference.  The race will be run in the normal way, and the positions calculated on the normal PY handicap system; so you will know exactly how you have done!  But before the start of the race there will be a "blindfold" picking of teams, and at the end of the racing the team whose results give the lowest cumulative score will win. 

On Wednesday evening 6 July, we have the third race in the Summer Series, starting at 19:00.  And remember that, following the evening sailing, there will be bacon baguettes on sale.....mmmmmmm delicious, plus the bar will be open. 

There is just so much going on down at the Gunfleet.


Latest Reports

Gunfleet Sailing Club held its pursuit race “The Chase” on Sunday 3 July when it was joined by several catamarans from neighbouring Clacton Sailing Club.