Andy Claims A Clear Victory

On Wednesday evening 4 August Gunfleet Sailing Club held the sixth race in its Summer Series with thirteen dinghies taking part.  The competitors edged their way up to the start line, all attempting to be the lead boat without prematurely crossing the line but this resulted in a group being just a few seconds too eager and up went the general recall flag.  Ten minutes later they were all on their way with Gregg Dunnett at the head, in his Laser, closely followed by Martin Chivers, also in a Laser.  The easterly force 2 to 3 wind, and flooding tide, meant that several of the sailors hugged the shore as they headed up the coast to the Kingscliff buoy but Andy Dunnett pointed high and held a steady course as he took his Laser directly towards the mark; this paid off and he was first to reach the buoy.  The second leg was a reach to the AWS mark before a broader reach to Eastcliff.  Slightly further back were the main group of Lasers whilst John Tappenden was still battling to get clear of them in his RS Aero.  Also amongst these Lasers was Malcolm Smith in his Comet who was refusing to let them leave him despite their faster handicap.  The fourth leg was a beat out to the Preston Park mark and once again Dunnett defied the wind direction and managed to point so much higher than his rivals.  Whilst he lost a little boat speed to his nearest rival, Ken Potts, the shorter distance covered more than made up for it.  Meanwhile Chivers and Rob Lockett, in his Laser, were so engrossed in their own personal battle that they both messed-up the course and dropped back several places correcting the faux-pas.  The penultimate leg was a reach to Lilley Farm buoy before heading straight back to the line.  At the end of the first lap Dunnett had carved out a strong lead with Smith second and Potts third, whilst only one second split Clare Giles in her Europe and Dave Fowell in his Solo; so making the second lap a bit of a nail-biter.   After a disappointing first lap, Tappenden managed to work his magic on the second and started knocking-off his rivals, and whilst he couldn’t physically get in front of Dunnett he still gained sufficient ground on the other dinghies to take second place at the end of the race.

Results – Summer Series - 6:
1.    Laser – Andy Dunnett
2.    RS Aero – John Tappenden
3.    Laser – Ken Potts

Course Board
Date 4 August 2021
Race Summer Series 6
Start Time 19:00
Wind Strength (Beaufort) Force 2 - 3
Wind Direction Easterly
High Tide 21:59
Course K - AWS - E - PP - LF - Line