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Gunfleet is windy - It's official

One of the reasons why sailing at Gunflleet is so good is because the prevailing wind is “cross-shore” - that is, parallel to the beach. If you don’t believe this then click on the “wind rose” image.

It’s a well known fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Unfortunately like many other well known facts it’s not true.

There goes the horn, we’re off. Hang on, what’s that second horn mean?

Well firstly the horn means one thing whenever it goes off and that is – have a look at the club flagpole because there is a signal flag flying from the yardarm giving you a sailing instruction. Apart from the Commodore (who is a bit of a flag nut) and John Clarke (who has been starting races since Horatio Nelson was in nappies), it seems that very few members know what the flags actually mean. Hello, you cry, is this just another list of flags coming up? The answer is yes and no.

Top Tips for Gunfleet Racers no. 218

An understanding of the “Racing Rules of Sailing” adds to the enjoyment to be had from racing down at the Gunfleet and this little article provides a few helpful hints for both experienced and novice sailors.