Cadets & Otters 2024

Gunfleets Cadets and Otters headed to Air Hop (Jump Street) in Colchester during the Half-Term Holiday to "let off steam" and keep fit ready for the up and coming sailing season.  As well as giving the trampolines a good thrashing, they also played Dodge Ball, and Football, before taking the Obstacle Course Challenge.  Time flew, and so did the Cadets and Otters, as they bounced from one activity to another; only coming up for a breather and a quick drink.

Some of the Club's younger members got-together for some fun in the Clubhouse over the Christmas Holidays.  As well as an opportunity to catch-up with each other, in the flesh rather than just using social media, it provided the opportunity to play some wacky games.  Jo, our Cadet Officer, had everyone playing the pyramid cup game, plus the grab a prize card game - both went down a storm.