Cornforth Comes Home First

Gunfleet Sailing Club held the first race in its Cadet SOS – Sailing On Saturday Class Points Series with some very impressive sailing by the young members.  Toppers were first to class away and it was Lauren Hooper that appeared to have the perfect start but being ahead of everyone else, and right on the line as the final second counted down, convinced her to tack back, just in case.  Alfie Searles then lead the fleet of seven Toppers, with Harry Swinbourne and Jess McLean-Wright both level pegging just behind him.  Harrison Smith started close to the Outer Distance Mark but suffered the indignity of powering-up and slipping his feet under the toe strap, only to flip overboard as his toes didn’t quite hold.  Just five minutes after the Toppers had gone it was the turn of the Topazes.  Owen Hooper and George Smith struck an early disaster when the centre bolt through the kicking strap suddenly popped out.  However, eagle eyed and sleight of hand, George saw the bolt fly out and caught it mid air; the two boys making a speedy repair on the water in order to continue in the race.

Meanwhile, having sailed close-hauled down the coast to the Eastcliff buoy it was Harry round first, followed by Jess, and then Alfie.  The second leg was a beat out to the Seaward buoy and positions changed several times, with Ted Newson touching the buoy as he rounded it, but duly undertook his 360 degree penalty turn prior to arriving at ther Kingscliff mark.  At the end of the first lap Harry maintained his lead and Harrison was fifth, but during the second lap he started picking his rivals off until, on the final leg he sailed past Harry to win.

Results:  SOS Class Points 1:
1.    Harrison Smith
2.    Harry Swinbourne
3.    Korben Symmonds
1.    Thomas Aiken, Mac and Esme Symmonds
2.    Jude Aylen and Freddie Spooner
3.    Owen Hooper and George Smith

On Sunday it was the race for those boats in the slow handicap fleet, for the Potterers’ Pot.  Once again there was a strong fleet of Toppers, along with a Comet and two Lasers with a 4.7 sail, which just put them in the slow handicap category.  In a force four, gusting five, south/south-westerly wind it was Yvonne Gough who lead the way in her Laser, followed closely by Andy Cornforth, also in a Laser.  In a cheeky move, Harrison Smith, in his Topper, slipped in front of Peter Downer’s Comet, right on the line.  The wind then freshened and several capsizes took place, particularly at the Seaward gybe mark, and despite leading at the end of the first lap, Harry Swinbourne was piped to the post in the second and final lap by Cornforth.

Results:  Potterers’ Pot
1.    Laser 4.7 – Andy Cornforth
2.    Topper - Harry Swinbourne
3.    Laser 4.7 – Yvonne Gough


Course Board
Date 11 August 2018
Race SOS Class Points - Topper 1
Start Time 15:00
Wind Strength (Beaufort) Force 4
Wind Direction South/South-West
High Tide 12:24
Course E - S - K - E - K - Line
Course Board
Date 11 August 2018
Race SOS Class Points - Topaz 1
Start Time 15:05
Wind Strength (Beaufort) Force 4
Wind Direction South/South-West
High Tide 12:24
Course E - S - AWS - S - K - Line
Course Board
Date 12 August 2018
Race Potterers' Pot
Start Time 11:00
Wind Strength (Beaufort) Force 4 to 5
Wind Direction South/South-West
High Tide 13:15
Course E - S - K - S - K - Line