Cadets Show The Adults A Thing Or Two

The start of the season brought the Cadets and Otters down to the Club in force last weekend when on Saturday 31 March several of them celebrated in style at the Fitting-Out Supper.  Amongst those present were Robert, Michael, Emily, William, Charlie, George, Conor, Finlay, Aaron, Callum, Darcie, Eleanor, Bethany, Ellen, Sophie, Ben, Scarlet, Esme, Korben, Mac and Maddy – if you couldn’t make it you missed a great time (who ate more than two jumbo sausages, and how much chocolate gateau can one Cadet eat??).

Then on Sunday 1 April – that’s no joke – the Cadets took part in the race for the March Hare Trophy and gave several seasoned old salts a real run for their money.  Our Cadet Commodore Matt took his Contender into a convincing third place, Conor and Finlay did their usual thing in the Topaz and very quietly slipped in front of all the Lasers and an RS600 (to name just a few boats) to take fourth place.  
Just watch out everyone, the younger members of the Gunfleet are starting to show their sailing skills to the whole Club.