Cadet AGM Looks To The Future

The younger members of the Gunfleet Sailing Club met last Sunday 16 December when they held their AGM.  Cadet Commodore Matt Downing welcomed all those present and looked back at an exciting year with a very successful Cadet Week, the popular Sailing On Saturdays, and the racing and cruising that so many had taken part in.  He particularly recalled the Long Distance Race when the wind suddenly picked-up to 33 mph and caught both senior and younger competitors out, but how well the Cadets had coped in such atrocious conditions.  He also thanked those that had helped throughout the year and made special mention of the end of Cadet Week Party when 107 meals had been served.

There then followed the election of the Cadet Committee for 2013:
Cadet Commodore - Matt Downing
Cadet Vice Commodore – Robert Gutteridge
Cadet Rear Commodore – Aaron Baker
Cadet Sailing Secretary – Charlie Spence
Cadet Social Secretary – Callum Dunn
Cadet Compound Officer – Tommy Martin
The meeting then learnt about the new Cadet Steering Group which had been brought together to assist in the organisation and running of the young people’s activities throughout the year. A team of 7 adult members, plus the Cadet Commodore, would be working closely with the Cadet Committee; the Steering Group being lead by Cadet Officer Chris Williams. 
The meeting concluded with a general discussion on possible activities, both on and off the water, for 2013, with some great ideas coming forward.  The new Cadet Committee, along with the Cadet Steering Group, promised to take the ideas away to assist the development of the 2013 Cadet and Otter programme.