Cadets & Otters 2015

It was the turn of the younger members last Sunday 13 December when the Gunfleet Sailing Club held its Cadet and Otter Annual General Meeting.  Cadet Commodore Daisy Swinbourne welcomed all those present and gave a review of 2015, highlighting the winter social events in the Clubhouse, the disruption to the Sailing On Saturday due to the coast protection works, and the wonderful Cadet Week that took place just after the new beaches had been opened.
Monday...and it’s down the Club for the start of our 2015 Cadet Week; holy moley, where’s all this sand come from?  Must have been blown in with this strong wind.  I’m looking at that wind gauge thingy on the wall and there are some big numbers coming up, and looking at that rough sea that won’t be the only thing coming up if we go out...shouldn’t have had so many pancakes this morning.  Watcha mate, haven’t seen you for a while, how’s it going?  We’re not going out in this are we?  Oh!! We are!

Hey - it won't be long before it's Gunfleet Cadet Week 2015 - Have you booked your place yet?  Keep returning here to find out more.....and there is more just in hot off the press...... 

Sailing On Saturday starts this Saturday 23 May and goes into full blast with a superb race/sail training session.  There will be two groups – one for the more experienced sailors that will be focusing on getting to the buoys first, and the other for those just starting to sail.  And if you are concerned about having to sail through a channel because of the coast protection works – well you have nothing to fear.

Hey – it’s time to throw back the curtains and head on down the Club for a bit of “in your face” sailing.  Put down those mobiles, tablets, i-pads, x-boxes, and all those other geeky gizmos and grab your wet-gear.  It’s full-on....extreme...better than computer’ssssss...the REAL THING....get down the Gunfleet and BRING IT ON!!

See you Sunday

Hi y’all
This Saturday 7 March our Cadet and Otter Social is getting us all ready for going back on the water, with plenty of tips and hints on being “top dogs”, and showing them adults a thing or two.  It starts at 3:00 p.m. and this is the programme:
Getting Rigged ‘n’ Ready
Getting your boat rigged-up well, and all the adjustments done before you even get wet, will be the difference between being an X Factor finalist or a mealy-mouthed minger!!
Coming-up this Saturday 7 February it’s the Gunfleet Games Afternoon – an awesome affair for all us Cadets and Otters.  Last year was an absolute blast and we’ve got the very best games from 2014 plus some exciting new ones.  We’ll play in Teams and expect loadsa fun with Yacht Racing, Buckets ‘n’ Balls, Mind-Blowing Memory Teaser, Two-Way Stretch, Can-Can, Who Do You Do and nibbles.  Oh yea, in case you’re wondering, it is all in the Clubhouse which have got brand new heaters, so it will be a red-hot afternoon.