Gunfleet Cadets Caught Out In 33 Mile Per Hour Winds

Once again the Club’s Cadets came to the fore when a number of them, out racing in the Jim Suckling Long Distance Trophy, were caught in winds gusting 33 miles per hour (that’s the very top of a Force 7!!).

The race started in a Force 2 (nice) but as it went on the winds freshened...and freshened...and freshened...and then blew old boots!!!
Beth Ford sailing a Topaz on her own, complete with jib, was overwhelmed at the Seaward mark and was assisted back to shore by Rescue Boat 2.  Darcie Baker, crewing for Cadet Officer Barry Peters in his Comet Duo, found herself in the water when the boat capsized and then both helm and crew became parted from their craft.  Rescue Boat 1 came on the scene and brought all three back together again.  Conor and Finlay Williams, going like a train in their Hobie 405, capsized near the Holland Haven outfall buoy and stuck with their craft as it drifted towards Frinton.  They were picked-up by the Clacton on Sea Inshore Lifeboat and taken ashore where they were met by Thames Coastguard that drove them back to the Club; Rescue Boat 1 recovering their boat.  Cadet Commodore Matt Downing made it round the course in his Contender, fighting all the way to control the boat.  Meanwhile, on shore, Cadet Rear Commodore jumped into his wetsuit and assisted boats as they landed, helping to ensure everyone was alright.
Well done Gunfleet Cadets, you all acted absolutely correctly, and the Club is proud of you.