Cadets & Otters 2010

Hey, we had a great time at the Gunfleet Firework Night when well over 40 of us met-up down the Club.  It was good to see the whole Cadet Committee down there and the food and drink were really good.  Whoever made the two guys (Dave and Simon!!) did a great job and thanks lads for a great display of pyrotechnics (thank goodness for spell-check).

Monday:  Gunfleet's 2010 Cadet week started in fine style on Monday 23 August with over 40 Club youngsters taking part.  Although the wind was very strong and the sky overcast for much of the day it didn't prevent the Cadets and Otters from getting on the water.  However, before they were cast afloat the novices learnt to handle a boat on dry land as they sailed their Toppers on the greensward.  As they pulled the sail in and out, and moved the rudder about so the boats reacted as though they were on the water, thanks to the more experienced sailors

Hey, guess what kicks off this Saturday 3 July....yes it's the start of Cadet and Otter Sailing On Saturday (SOS).

For all Club members under 18 years of age the Gunfleet is the place to be this and every Saturday - starting at 3:00 p.m.

So get your Topper out, launch that Topaz, and let's have a great time on the water....and all you have to remember is SOS

Gunfleet Sailing Club’s younger members organised a “Tea by the Sea” event over the Bank Holiday weekend at their headquarters at Holland on Sea and raised over £200 for the Sail 4 Cancer charity.  The charity aims to raise significant funds for cancer treatment and research through the organisation of high profile sailing events and also provides sailing opportunities for cancer patients and their families, in the hope that their quality of life may be improved.  The Gunfleet’s Cadets and Otters were all keen to raise much needed money as so many of them had friends or family tha

On Sunday 2 May the Cadets and Otters are holding Tea by the Sea in aid of Cancer Research.  If you are a Cadet or Otter then get in touch with Cadet Officer Andy Ford or Cadet Social Secretary Anna Challis and let one of them know that you will be helping.  Then, on the day it's a massive invite to mums and dads, all the relations, and friends and neighbours to pop down to the Club and enjoy a cup of tea and cake (plus a host of other refreshment), with all sale proceeds going to the Sail4Cancer charity.  There will also be fun and games - youngsters versus the adults plus a

The Gunfleet Cadet and Otter 2010 Fixture List is just packed full of great things happening down the Club.  The Cadet Committee, made up of: