Quiz Night A Winner With Everyone

The little grey cells were hard at it down the Gunfleet last Saturday 24 January when the Club held its annual Quiz Night.  The “house full” sign had gone up some weeks earlier, such is the popularity of this event, with members eager to test their knowledge in teams of six.  Ernie. our genial quizmaster, provided some great questions that resulted in many a puzzled expression, and as the first few rounds went by it was very evident there would be several teams competing for victory.  A waitress bar service ensured that the knowledge cogs stayed well lubricated and avoided any disruption whilst the Teams remained in the thick of things.  All too soon it was the halfway stage and a scrumptious finger buffet, of savoury and sweet items, were brought to each Team; the pizza and roasted potatoes particularly proving a real hit. Top-ups were offered and nobody could have left feeling hungry, but it was back to the second half of the quiz.  Jokers were played, the Table Round was completed, and the very last question announced; it was time to total-up the scores.  The tension had mounted, the room was silent, the places announced....and in third place it was Paul Davis, Pam Reece, John and Debbie Tappenden, Simon Clark and Leah Sanchez.  Second place went to Tony Markham, Lin Partridge, Kevin, Nicki, Robbie and Tayla Jay; and the winners were, Dave Fowell, Carol Geal, Mark, Rachel, Charlie and Harry Spence, the fourth year in a row this Team has claimed victory, but who knows what might happen in 2016!