Fickle Winds Make For Slow End To Series

Members of the Gunfleet Sailing Club had an early start last Sunday 5 August when sixteen boats took part in the final race of the Egg and Bacon Series.  In a very light southerly wind the craft struggled to stem the freshly flooding tide as they made their way, on a reach, to the Kingscliff buoy; with Andy Dunnett in his Laser leading the fleet.  By the time they made the first mark there was still some confusion as slow and medium handicapped boats remained very closely bunched.  There then followed a beat out to the Seaward buoy when the wind fell away still further and the competitors felt the pull of the tide drank them down the coast.  It seemed a long and tortuous leg but all the helms persevered before running back down to the Kingscliff buoy.  It was at this point that the little wind there was faded away and the craft were at the mercy of the tide.  Moments before the Officer Of the Day was about to hoist the race abandoned flag a very light breeze appeared and the boats began to make slow headway.  Dunnett continued to dominate the Laser fleet whilst Simon Clarke lead the Solutions.  At the slow handicap end of the fleet it was Jake Kurtulus in his Topper that pulled ahead of the rest of the class and opened the gap as the race progressed.  It was, however, obvious that few of the boats would be able to complete the full course, even on one lap, so the finish horn was given as the dinghies hooked around the AWS buoy; with Clarke taking first place in the race but unable to make the top three positions overall.  The crews all then headed for the Clubhouse where a full English breakfast was provided.

Results – Egg and Bacon Series Overall:
1. Blaze – John Tappenden
2. RS600 – Ken Potts
3. Laser – Paul Stanton
The previous Wednesday the Club held its first race in the series for the Tony Chadd Trophy in almost perfect conditions with a force five, gusting six, onshore breeze.  Twelve boats took part and made short work of the course.  On the first lap Eddie White suffered minor gear failure in his Solution but managed to do the necessary repairs to continue, albeit he dropped a number of places as a result.  At the end of the first lap it was Ken Potts that had a strong lead in his RS600, but second place was still anybodies.  Unfortunately on the second lap Yvonne Gough capsized her Laser whilst gybing at the St. Michael’s buoy and lost a lot of ground trying to right the boat.
Results – Tony Chadd Trophy Series - 1:
1. RS600 – Ken Potts
2. RS600 – Kelvin Morton
3. Laser – Paul Stanton