Gunfleet Cadet Week Starts on a Real High

Gunfleet Sailing Club’s Cadet Week kicked off last Saturday evening 16 August when the Cadet’s and Otters took part in a moonlight cruise. Under strict supervision the youngsters headed up the coast to the haven as dusk fell and then sailed back in the dark, guided home by the lights of Holland on Sea. On the Sunday it was “Bring a Friend Day” when the Cadets and Otters brought their friends down to have a go at sailing and find out what a great sport it is. With all the success Great Britain is having in sailing at the Olympics it was hardly surprising that there was a tremendous response and those youngsters more experienced spent the morning ferrying visitors in and out. With a freshening south westerly wind, blue skies and bright sunshine, the conditions proved ideal and it wasn’t long before everyone was having a go at the helm. After lunch some of the young sailors took to the water in kayaks whilst others learnt how to right a capsized dinghy. At the end of the day a lot of tired but very happy youngsters went home eager to join the Club. The Club continues its Cadet Week with a variety of games on and off the water and culminating each day with a race, and on Bank Holiday Sunday evening the Club will hold the Cadet Week prize-giving, followed by a giant firework display.