The Tee Dee Challenge Takes Place In Lively Conditions

Gunfleet Sailing Club members found it hard to believe it was July when they took part in the 3-in-1 multi-race for the Tee Dee Challenge Trophy on Sunday 7 July 2024; a force 5 to 6 south/south-westerly wind, heavy cloud, and below average seasonal temperature greeting them.

With the angle of the wind, the Race Officer decided upon a Gate Start.  Tim Dye, in his Laser, was the designated lead boat in the first race and as the start gun fired he sailed on port tack from the Outer Distance Mark, followed closely by the Club Safety Boat; the rest of the fleet, using Dye as the Inner Distance Mark, then set off, clearing the stern of the Safety Boat.  The first leg was a beat to the Lilley Farm buoy, and with the tide under them it didn’t take long to reach the mark where, unfortunately, Harry Swinbourne capsized in his Laser and lost valuable minutes righting the craft.  The second leg was a reach to the Eastcliff buoy which competitors gybed round before a broad reach up the coast to the Kingscliff buoy; there then followed a beat back to Lilley Farm, before a run back through the line.  Dye held his own round the course and came in first, followed by Ken Potts in his Laser, and then Derroll Pedder in an RS Aero.  With back to back racing, the second heat got underway with Pedder being the lead boat and forming the IDM on port tack, whilst the rest of the fleet quickly headed out to sea on starboard.  This time it was Dye’s turn to capsize, at the Eastcliff gybe mark, allowing his rivals to sail past him; Potts grabbing the opportunity to cement a strong win, Swinbourne making up for his ducking in the first race and taking second place, whilst Pedder repeated his third position.  In the third and final race, Potts took the place of the lead boat/IDM and Brian Allen headed the competitors out to sea in his RS Aero.  Pedder capsized early on and retired exhausted, whilst Potts took the top spot, Dye second, and Allen third.  The results of all three races were then combined, which identified Potts as the Trophy winner.  

Results – Tee Dee Challenge Trophy:
1.    Laser – Ken Potts
2.    Laser – Tim Dye
3.    Laser – Harry Swinbourne

Despite the rather wild conditions the Cadets took part in the second of the Topper Race series and it was Finley Taylor that had a convincing win, with new member Sam Kettle gaining a very creditable second.

Course Board
Date 7 July 2024
Race Tee Dee Challenge Trophy
Start Time 11:00, 11:35, & 12:05
Wind Strength (Beaufort) Force 5 to 6
Wind Direction South/South-West
High Tide 13:49
Course LF - E - K - LF - Line