Davis Dominates Start Of Winter Series

Gunfleet Sailing Club held the first race in the Winter Series last Sunday 24 October under blue skies and bright sunshine; however the cold north westerly wind reminded both competitors and spectators that it was late October.  Paul Davis got a very good start and lead the fleet on a reach up the coast to the Kingscliff buoy, when Simon Mathewson in his Vortex slipped ahead as the boats headed out to the Seaward mark.  However it was the beat back into shore that started to split the fleet on a particularly strong flood tide.  Yvonne Gough in her Laser was doing battle with Sebastien Mathewson in his Byte with Gough pulling away on the run back out to sea.  Coping well in the quite lively conditions was Eddie White in his Solution and he took off on the fetch from Seaward to St. Michael’s buoy.  At the end of the first Lap Davis’s Solution had a convincing lead followed by two Lasers but during the second lap places changed for a while and then changed back, resulting in Davis taking the first race of the series.  
Results – Winter Series 1:
1. Solution – Paul Davis
2. Laser – Andy Dunnett
3. Vortex – Simon Mathewson