Windy Weather Keeps Helms On Their Toes

Last Saturday 28 September the Gunfleet Sailing Club’s End of Season Cruise had to be cancelled due to strong winds but those popping down took the opportunity to get out for a sail in the vicinity of the Club under the watchful eye of a Rescue Boat.
Despite rather unpleasant sailing conditions on Sunday afternoon, eight boats took part in the third race of Gunfleet Sailing Club’s Autumn Series.  With a run of north easterly winds the sea was particularly lumpy, and the waves were long and rolling as the competitors launched their craft.  With slack tide it was interesting to see that on the beat up the coast to the Kingscliff buoy there was a split in tactics with some boats staying close to the shore whilst others headed out to sea.  There then followed a reach out to the Seaward mark and at this point the dinghies really took off.  Derroll Pedder very nearly lost it at this point in his Solution, whilst Cadet Robert Gutteridge was less fortunate and capsized.  Similarly Beth Elliott and Darcie Baker capsized in their Topaz at the Seaward buoy as they gybed round the mark to head back to the Kingscliff.  It was also at this point that Zak and Jake Kurtulus capsized their Hobie 405, but with such force that the mast broke and they required the assistance of the Club Rescue Boat to get back to shore.  Reaching back out to Seaward for a second time kept the helms on their toes and it was then also necessary to undertake a second gybe before blasting down to the Eastcliff Buoy and beating through the line.  Further capsizes occurred but fortunately without major incident, and whilst it was a close finish, it was Simon Clarke and Emily Cossens that took the winning gun in their Scorpion.
Results – Autumn Series 3:
1. Scorpion – Simon Clarke and Emily Cossens
2. RS600 – Ken Potts
3. Solution – Derroll Pedder