Ken Just Keeps On Winning

There was a cold bight in the air for the fourth race in Gunfleet Sailing Club’s Winter Series last Sunday 5 November and Ken Potts once again had a convincing win in his Laser.

The blue skies and sunshine gave a slightly false impression, with the westerly wind being fresh in both strength and chill factor, but the weather left you in no doubt that it was now November.  Understandably the competitors all headed to the far end of the line as they recognised there was an hour of flood tide to go and the further out to sea one went the greater assistance this would give; a further advantage being the cleaner wind away from the cliffs and buildings.  It was Andy Dunnett who timed the start just right in his Laser but “Cunning Ken” stayed just windward of him and so slipped past and gave Dunnett some dirty wind at the same time.  Sailing down the coast to the Eastcliff buoy it was Potts that rounded it first, followed by Dunnett, and then the Fireball, sailed by Paul Berry and Phil Kirby.  Just behind these three boats was Yvonne Gough, in her Laser, fighting hard to stay in the leading pack.  Following the beat, on the initial leg, it was a run out to the Seaward buoy with Potts continuing to pull away, whilst the Fireball worked hard to move up the position board.  It was then a very tight beat back towards shore, round the AWS mark, followed by further tacking to Eastcliff.  The fleet then headed, for a second time, to Seaward and then, following a gybe, it was a broad reach up the coast to the Kingscliff buoy.  It was at this gybe mark that Dunnett capsized, and lost a few minutes, having to haul himself onto the daggerboard in order to right his craft.  Not content with one capsize he lost the boat for a minute at Kingscliff, but this seemed slightly half-hearted and he wasted no time in getting his act together and chasing after the Fireball  and the leading Laser.

Potts had carved out a comfortable lead at the end of the first lap and held this throughout the second lap; at which point the shorten course flag was flying from the yardarm signalling that the race was all over for another week.  
Results: Winter Series - 4:
1.    Laser – Ken Potts
2.    Laser – Andy Dunnett
3.    Fireball – Paul Berry and Phil Kirby