Gunfleet Celebrates The End Of Season In Style

Gunfleet Sailing Club celebrated the end of the 2017 sailing season in style with its Laying-Up Dinner and Dance, along with the Presentation of Trophies, at Clacton on Sea Golf Club last Saturday evening.  Club Commodore Richard Walker reflected on a successful season in this the Club’s 55th year of operation.  As well as the usual mix of racing and cruising, there had been a number of highlights which included the three-day Solution class National Championship, the two-day Gunfleet Regatta, sponsored by Discount Windows and Conservatories of Clacton, and the Gunfleet Cadet Week, sponsored by DONG Energy.  These events had brought in visitors from across the country and all had been quite envious of the marvellous new beaches which allowed perfect sailing facilities throughout each and every day. 

Walker made special mention of what he called “Richard’s Angels” - Rear Commodore Helen Swinbourne, Social Secretary Rebecca Goodchild, and Cadet Officer Claire Aylen; the three female members of the Committee that had kept him firmly in his place and, more importantly, ensured he kept his feet on the ground.

Helen Swinbourne, as the Club’s Rear Commodore, was then asked to present the following trophies:

March Hare        `                   John Tappenden        
Spring Series                          Ken Potts
Toppo Single Helm                 Robert Gutteridge
Cadet Single Helm                 Ted Newson
Wallet Trophy                         John Tappenden
Gunfleet Chase                      Peter Downer
Jubilee Trophy                       John Tappenden
RNLI Charity Shield               Ken Potts
Tee Dee Challenge Trophy    Ken Potts & Cath Bicknell
Potterer’s Pot                         Peter Downer
Ken Potts’ Pot                        Jack & Elliot Berry
Austin Ladies Trophy             Beth Elliott
Bill Clarke Shield                   John Tappenden
Hertford County Shield          Ken Potts
London Trophy                      Ken Potts
Jim Suckling Shield               Robert Gutteridge
Summer Series                     Ken Potts
Tony Chadd Trophy               Ken Potts
Class Points:    Laser            Ken Potts
                         405               Tom & Ed Philpot
                         Comet          Peter Downer
                         Topaz           Thomas Aiken
                         Topper          Ted Newson
Bill Geddes Trophy                Peter Downer
Double “G” Trophy                Ted Newson
Bob Agate Trophy                 Thomas Aiken
SOS Trophy                          Tom & Ed Philpot
Sea Spray Trophy                 Harry Swinbourne
Spirit of the Wind                  Harry Swinbourne
Fleet Championships            Jack & Elliot Berry
Autumn Series                       Andy Dunnett
Tarrant Trophy                       Eddie White
Senior Leading Helm             Ken Potts
Junior Leading Helm             Ted Newson
Terry Baker “Cheers” Trophy Catherine Bicknell
Stan Camp Progress Cup      Michael Gutteridge
Junior Merit Trophy                Tom Philpot
Cissbury Merit Trophy            Harry Swinbourne
Stein Ladies’ Merit Trophy      Daisy Swinbourne
Gentlemen’s Merit Trophy      Dave Fowell