Ghosts & Ghouls Get Going at Gunfleet

Gunfleet proved, once more, to be ahead of its time when it celebrated Halloween last Saturday 17 October with its Ghosts and Ghouls Night.  As the clock ticked-by so more and more strange and freaky characters appeared, much to the concern and anxiety of those already ensconced in the Clubhouse.  Smoke filled the room and a distant sound of howling wolves  set the scene for a really spooktacular evening which started off with a table quiz – all linked to witches, goblins, Dracula and Halloween, plus identifying cartoon characters disguised in scary costumes.  Jacket potatoes with a choice of filling satisfied the hunger pangs, even those poor old skeletons that clearly had no-body to share the gastro-delights with; then the winners were announced of the scary-cakes competition, with Sylvia winning in the adult section and Shona in the Cadets.  This signalled the time to devour the entries which were all of an amazing standard and, in truth, all deserved prizes.  Apple Bobbing proved a real hit, if not somewhat wet, and the eating doughnuts hanging on strings showed the ingenuity of the contestants.  In-between these games people queued-up to put their hand into an enclosed box to feel the brains of a rabbit, the eye of a wolf, and the tail of a rat, amongst others, and determine what they really were (note – no harm was caused to animals or humans during the making of this event!!!), and even the Commodore was persuaded to put his hand in and have a feel!  It was with great relief to find out that in truth you had been fondling a piece of broccoli, a grape, banana, segment of tomato and so on.

An even more disgusting game was to place your hand in various cold and slimy substances in order to find some hidden objects.  Contestants were quick to wash their hands, and arms, as they pulled out some intriguing and very unsavoury items.  To round the evening off teams got together to mummify one of their members and soon the whole place was awash with....toilet paper!!!....especially after the mummies came to life and broke out of their “bandages”.


A great time was had by all and a big thanks goes to the spooksville MC “Kreepy Kev” and to Jon and Linda for the excellent food, plus Julie, Francesca, Molly and Rosie for decorating the Clubhouse, Nick for his pumpkin carvings, and everyone that provided those scary cakes – nobody went home hungry!