Ghosts & Goulles at Gunfleet

Gunfleet’s Halloween Party turned out to be a horrific success....if not just a little bit scary.  Many of the members dressed-up (or down, depending on their normal attire), with some frightening and, at times, grotesque costumes on display, and several members, of all ages, had entered the bun decorating competition, bringing down some great cakes.  Amidst the spine-chilling background noises (some people just can’t control their stomachs!!) the evening kicked-off with a Halloween Quiz, focussing on horror films and celebrities in gruesome costumes, then took a break for jacket potatoes and a choice of filling, before moving onto the games proper.  First was dipping your hand into a covered bucket to find the eyeball, severed finger, rat, spider and other savoury delights, mixed up in brains and intestines (well, cooked spaghetti actually), before having a go at the bobbing apples.  Then came the donut-eating session – with the donuts hanging on string and the participants unable to use their hands.  And whilst all this went on so the decorated buns were being handed out, to help combat any hunger pangs.  Before the bewitching hour of midnight the Clubhouse went quiet as the revellers left for home on their broomsticks, taking their black cats, cauldrons and bats with them...ah, ha, ha, haaaaah.