Driving Everyone Up The Walls...

On Saturday 22 March 24 Cadets and Otters arrived at Birch Hall Adventures to take part in some serious, as well as some fun, climbing.  Split into three groups – Big, Medium and Small, after a bit of tuition, everyone was climbing the walls – literally.  What was really surprising was just how agile some of the Otters were.  Whilst the older Cadets took the challenges within their stride, the younger members just flew up without hesitation!

Then it was time to climb some trees before sitting round the camp fire drinking hot chocolate and roasting marsh mallows, as well as eating choccie biscuits -  All too soon it was time to head home but a big thanks to Cadet Officer Claire Aylen for organising the whole thing, and sorry to all those that couldn’t come because the event was so quickly fully subscribed.

Hey - let the pictures do the talking!