Too Hot To Handle - Sailing Tips

Hi y’all
This Saturday 7 March our Cadet and Otter Social is getting us all ready for going back on the water, with plenty of tips and hints on being “top dogs”, and showing them adults a thing or two.  It starts at 3:00 p.m. and this is the programme:
Getting Rigged ‘n’ Ready
Getting your boat rigged-up well, and all the adjustments done before you even get wet, will be the difference between being an X Factor finalist or a mealy-mouthed minger!!
Jumping the Gun
Know your signal flags, way-up your options, psych-out the competition – a good start leads to a great finish; 
Tactics & Top Tips
How to make your boat go faster and better; using the controls...and using your loaf!  Isn’t it great when everyone’s behind you?!!
If you sail, then you won’t want to miss this...