Do Come To The Cadet & Otter AGM on 8 December

On Sunday 8th December there is the Gunfleet Cadet and Otter Annual General Meeting, starting at 3:00 p.m.  As well as looking back at a great year – Cadet Day, Sailing On Saturday, Cadet Week etc. there is the chance to join the Cadet Committee for 2014, and also for everyone to put forward ideas for next year’s sailing and social activities.  So do come along, and encourage all you Gunfleet friends to come along.  You should have electronically received your invitation (by email – it might have gone to mum or dad’s email address).  If you are interested in joining the Cadet Committee then read on, ’cause here is a bit more about it.....

The Cadet Committee helps to run the Cadet and Otter section of the Club and will meet 4 times a year, or more should the need arise.  Each meeting will have a specific theme, including:

·  Formulating the activities on a specific Cadet sailing date

·  Planning a Cadet social function

·  Putting forward proposals for Cadet Week 

Below is an outline of the role of each of the positions on the Cadet Committee.

Cadet Commodore:  Cadet Leader; responsible for:

·       Positively promoting the Cadet and Otter section, both within the Club and to prospective new members.

·       Chairing the Cadet Committee meetings.

·       Supporting fellow Committee members in carrying out their roles.

·       Providing good communications with such things as articles for the quarterly Gunfleet Gazette informing Cadets and Otters what the Cadet Committee has been up to and what its plans are.

Cadet Vice Commodore:  With the assistance of the Cadet Sailing Secretary will be responsible for:

·       Organising activities for a specific SOS day.

·       Positively encouraging Cadets and Otters to get on the water

·       Liaising between Cadets and Otters and experienced adult sailors to assist young sailors in gaining knowledge and expertise in both rigging their boats and handling their craft on the water.

Cadet Rear Commodore:  With the assistance of the Cadet Social Secretary will be responsible for:

·       Organising a Cadet and Otter social function.

·       Positively encouraging Cadets and Otters to attend social functions.

·       Liaising between Cadets and Otters and the House and Wines Committee (and in particular the Rear Commodore and Social Secretary) on possible food and drink options attractive to young people. 

Cadet Compound Officer:  Responsible for:

·       Encouraging the Cadets and Otters to assist each other in launching and recovering their craft.  

·       Ensuring boats and trolleys do not block the public right of way.  

·       Advising Cadets and Otters if their boats have not been packed away correctly.

If you are interested the put yourself forward at the meeting on Sunday.  Should there be more than one person interested in a post then there will be a vote taken.

See you all on Sunday the 8th.