Howdy Partner - Welcome To The Gunfleet Corral

It wasn’t so much gunfight at the OK Corral as an OK night at the Gunfleet Sailing Club.  In fact it was far more than was a brilliant evening of fun and entertainment.  As the members moseyed on down to the Clubhouse they were greeted with a “Rootin’ Tootin’ Table Quiz”, all about the Wild West.  This ended up as a draw (go for your guns) between two teams but in the end the No-Hopers just beat the Lodgers.  Then we all went for our flags – well, red, white or blue; if you happened to match what was pulled out the bag you remained in the game.  Sole survivor was Phil Hayes who went away with a bottle of hooch!  To finish off the first half a large jar of sweets was passed around the members and the aim was to guess the number.  Cynthia Jolly guessed at 204 and proved to be the closest, just two short of the actual number; winning all 206 sweets, plus the jar!
We then all sat round the camp fire to eat sausages and beans (good old cowboy food), plus jacket potatoes, followed by chocolate brownies and ice cream, marsh mallow topping and chocolate sauce.  For those off the hard stuff there was an ice-cream soda bar.
Then it was onto the second half of the evening and the first game was “deck of cards” and Robbie Jay took the honours on this one.  Then there was “Spear the Steer” and with a good mix of stabs it was Cadet Commodore Daisy that was spot-on the target; she went off with a drop of the hard stuff; well Shloer to be precise.  Finally it was “Pin the Sheriff’s Badge on Woody” and Trigger-happy Ted nailed it.
After a lot of laughter and gaiety, all too early the evening was over and the members rode into the sunset as the credits rolled over the coast protection works...
Sylvia Aylen
Helen Swinbourne
Sandra Walker
Daisy Swinbourne
Wild Frank Aylen
Quick-Draw Fred Webster
Dawn Webster
Marshall Dick Walker
Sylvia and Frank Aylen