SOS - A Fantastic Start

SOSSailing On Saturday was full-on when it all started on Saturday (surprise, surprise) 25 May.  This one was the first in the Sail and Race Training and twenty of us Cadets and Otters took part.  It was great to have two separate training sessions going on; one for those just starting to sail, under the instruction of Pete Downer – thanks Pete; and the other for those more experienced with an aim to improving our skills.  Our “guest trainer” for this one was Andy Dunnett and he showed us in the Clubhouse how to get more power out of our dinghies, and before we knew where we were we all on the water putting it all to the test round a small triangular course – cheers for that Andy, we really did learn something.

Fifteen boats went out and the wind was offshore and pretty gusty so a number of us went over; note the clay stuck to the top of several masts!!  However, when we got back to shore and put our boats away it was time to polish-off the hot dogs and burgers waiting for us in the Clubhouse – nice one Maria.  Oh yes, and thanks too to the Rescue Boat Teams – Chris, Lisa, Rachel and Ulrike – we needed you.