Cadet Day An Absolute Blast

What a blast Cadet Day was...with 25 of us all getting together for a bit of sailing, loads of games, a lot of laughs and getting just a bit wet!!

Kicking off we had a race round the cans and it turned into quite a tightly fought contest over two laps.  The 405 boys battled it out as they blasted along, especially downwind, the Topazes were loaded to the gunwhales; with the girls all having a lot to say...throughout the race!  The Toppers were putting their craft through their paces whilst good old Beth Ford showed how it should be done in her Laser.  At the end of it all it was Ben Richardson who took the winning gun in his Topper, with Beth F second and Conor and Finlay Williams third in their 405.
Then we all split into teams with tons of us on either Team GBR, Team BAD M or Team San Marino.  The first event was a race round a course but picking up small plastic balls as we shot round – 301 balls believe it or not.  Points were given for positions in the race coupled with numbers of balls retrieved.  Then there was lunch – thanks Carol and Caroline for some great grub, including a Magnum each – all for free – WOW!  Then it was onto the Treasure Hunt – sailing to destinations and finding answers to clues.  We all got the message on the AWS buoy – “Yes My Name Is Iggle Piggle” – you must be having a larf!  Following this was Egg Throwing and several of us ended up covered in yolk – yuk!  After a bit of a clean-up – well chucking each other in the sea it was the bottle game with us swimming out to sea to pick up plastic bottles with numbers in them – anyone got a calculator?  Then we all got some scrumptious cakes (thanks for cooking them Carol) before packing our boats up and getting ready for the evening Barbecue.  All of us that were there had a great time, and those who missed it....well make sure you don’t miss Cadet week, it’s going to be FAB.
Oh yes, and we did pretty good at Regatta Day on the Sunday.  Good old Robert Gutteridge got the trophy for first Cadet home in the morning race and in the afternoon class racing Ben Richardson won the Mad Hatter Challenge for Toppers, and Abigail Hayes crewed for Eleanor Margetts in her Topaz and got first place.  Emily Cossens crewed for Simon Clarke in his Scorpion and they were the first Gunfleet boat home in the morning race, going on to win the Menagerie class race in the afternoon. Watch out Club we are going to take all the trophies soon.