Fun & Chocolate All The Way

There was much laughter in the air last Saturday 8 February, down at the Gunfleet Saiing Club, when many of the Cadets and Otters took part in the Games Afternoon.  High on the list of things was a chocolate fountain, but before anyone got near that it was the game of cutting-up a slab of chocolate with a knife and fork, made that much harder by being dressed in hat, scarf and thick gloves; the reward being you could eat what you cut off!  Food seemed to be the order of the day as the next game saw teams coming forward to build the tallest structure out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows.  Many interesting designs were dreamt up but, build it too high and you came to a sticky end!  Meanwhile the scores were being racked-up on the Whack-a-Moley game, any noses that lit-up getting a hefty wallop with the mallet.  This was followed by Pie Face Splat and just as everyone looked like they would come out of it unscathed....SPLAT, a face full of cream for some unsuspecting soul!  There was a mad rush for the chocolate fountain, with a choice of strawberries, grapes, shortbread or marshmallows (no, not the ones used for building works!).  With the sun shining, and tummies full, it was all out on the beach to burn-up some of those calories.  A mix of gymnastics and mayhem had everyone laughing before, all too soon, it was time to pack-up and head home after a great afternoon.

Don’t miss the next Cadet and Otter social on Saturday 25 April when it’s Crazy Golf time.