Loads-A-Fun At Cadet Social

Last Saturday 8 March Gunfleet’s Cadets and Otters got together down the Clubhouse to have an afternoon of awesome fun ‘n’ games.  Four Teams competed in a variety of games starting with getting your boat across the line, pulling it along by rolling up a ball of string on a rod.  There then followed picking up a cardboard box off the floor with your mouth whilst not using your hand to help or balance you.  In each round the box got shorter until, in the end, it was just the base left.  Some absolutely amazing agility saw Abigail and Ted steal the show as they performed some real contortions to achieve their goal.  The next game saw the members of each team having a part of the boat on them, and it was up to each Team to call those parts across.  The Teams shrunk and expanded and people moved from Team to Team as different Teams took the lead.  Mainsheet, Toe Straps and Tiller seemed to elude most Teams but in the end everyone was in one single group – the boat was built!  Next the games showed just how tough the Club’s Cadets and Otters really are as they endeavoured to place a tin container as far away from them as possible whilst their feet were in a set position.  Feats of real bravery took place as people performed extreme acts of muscle power.  Finally there was a hair-raising game as Team-members sat on a chair and attempted to stretch as far back as possible to place a plastic bottle the longest distance away – lofty Nick winning this.  At the end of it all Daisy’s team was fourth, Conor’s Team third, Zak’s Team second and the winning Team was our very own Cadet Commodore – Rob’s.  What a great afternoon and bags of F-U-N had by all.