Floating - Flying - Finding-Out And Lots Of Fun

The second monthly Cadet Social on 19 February found the unobstructed sunshine pouring through the Clubhouse windows and the land sheltering the calm seas from the chilling offshore winds.  Waiting on the Clubhouse walls for the Cadets and Otters to answer were picture clues, as well as pictures of cartoon characters to be identified.  Some help was needed from parents, particularly for the older cartoons like the “Fintstones”.  The younger members soon got stuck into craft work using glitter paste and coloured pencils and the table top games were enjoyed by all ages including senior Club members.

The older Cadets looked at flotation and found out what sunk in a bowl of water that had been placed on a table.  It was not unlike their dinghies which, although floated well normally, only just kept afloat when filled with water. 
Paper and card were used to make aeroplanes which were then entered into a flying completion with the Cadet Vice-Commodore Robert Gutteridge winning by a few centimetres over Emily Marsh’s super effort.
The knot session was also entered into by all ages (some parents trying to relive memories of their scouting days) to learn the stopper, figure eight and bowline knots.
The good weather allowed lots of time to be spent outside enjoying the sunshine and to come back into the club house to end the event with a balloon tournament.