Clarke Wins Autumn Race And Series

The final race in the Gunfleet Sailing Club’s Autumn Series was held last Sunday 3 October in rather interesting conditions.  Following an extremely high tide there was a very strong ebb tide running coupled with winds that varied in direction, swinging from westerly to south westerly, and also in strength.  Many competitors missed a good start as they found themselves being swept away from the line but they all managed to make the Eastcliff buoy in reasonable time.  They then headed back to the AWS mark at a very fast pace but again found themselves struggling to make against the tide as they beat up to St. Michael’s buoy.  Some came very close to the shore to try and cheat the tide but found a distinct lack of wind in the shadow of the cliff, although once around the mark it was a quick run out to the Seaward buoy remembering to allow for the tide which would easily sweep boats past.

At the end of the first lap Simon Clarke had a very small lead in his Solution, followed by John Tappenden in the Blaze and Ken Potts in the RS600; although Kelvin Morton, also in an RS600, was a very close fourth.  Part way through the first lap Antony Reeve held first position in the Laser class but was overtaken by Andy Dunnett as the race progressed.

Positions changed a few times on each lap but at the end of the day Clarke held on to first place so winning the race and the series overall.  

Results – Autumn Series Overall:

1. Solution – Simon Clarke
2. Blaze – John Tappenden
3. Xenon – Paul and Katie Davis