Adam and Maddy Take The Honours

Four of Gunfleet Sailing Club’s Cadets headed round to Walton & Frinton Yacht Club Cadet Week where they had a great time and picked-up a few trophies at the same time.

All four, Adam Kedge, Maddy Challis, Laura Kedge, and Belle Hart, swapped the open sea for the sheltered backwaters.  Dogged by bad weather, the young sailors launched their Toppers and Pico to take part in five days of racing, as well as onshore activities. Strong gusting winds, culminating in a 40 mph gust on the last day, did not deter the Cadets who took it all in their stride and battled on regardless.  If the first day was lively, then day two proved just too windy, and resulted in some water-based games close to the Clubhouse.  On the third day, the winds had abated a little and this allowed two more races to be completed; whereas day four showed much lighter winds.  In fact the usual Round Horsey Island race was deemed inappropriate in the conditions and it was a race to Stone Point and back.  On the fifth and final day the weather forecast predicted some strong winds and torrential rain but the morning dawned bright and breezy, and therefore sailable.  However, shortly after the dinghies headed out into open waters, the wind started to freshen, the rain came down, and then a squall blew in.  The Club’s Safety Boats began to tow several of the dinghies back to the Club but by no the wind was howling, and the rain coming down in sheets.  The stronger sailors held on and defied the conditions, even though the strongest gust did hit 40 mph, and eventually everyone was safely ashore and talking about the excitement and exhilaration of combating the elements.

All four Gunfleet sailors raced in the Regatta fleet, consisting of some twenty entries and, after some fine sailing, Maddy was rewarded with third place overall, whilst Adam took a convincing first place, having won every race after discards.  The Cadets now eagerly await their own Gunfleet Cadet Splash event at the end of August when they can compete against the rest of the Club’s young sailors.