Cadet Day was brill, and that's official!

On Saturday 26 July the Gunfleet, as part of its Regatta Weekend, held the Cadet Day and lots of Cadets and Otters came down to the Club to take part. Split into teams the games comprised of:

  • A race to de-rig a Topper or Topaz paddle around a mark at sea and back to the shore to re-rig
  • Numbers Up:  Which team could get the largest score from sailing after plastic bottles with numbers in them
  • Treasure Hunt:  Chasing clues on shore and at sea to get to the hidden treasure first
  • The Word Game:  Sailing after the appropriate letters in bottles to make up the chosen word (such as minger, buster and spider!)
  • Swimming Relay
  • Egg throwing

With a lunch provided by the Club free to all competitors it was a fun and exciting day for those that entered and those that watched.

At the end of it all these were the results:

1.  The Cheetah Girls

2.  Bromfords Elite

3.  I Don't Know

4.  Miss-Behave

5.  Team Bob

6.  No Idea

7.  Better Late than Never

The Cadets gave their Cadet Officer Andy Ford three cheers for organising the Day.