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........working in line with government guidance

The Club is keen to work within the government's guidance in helping to try and contain the virus outbreak, and is therefore suspending all organised events, both on and off the water, until further notice; the Club now being closed.  Members are requested to heed the government guidlines about self isolation etc.  Please note that the Club has a "duty of care" and therefore will abide by the advice given by both the government and the Royal Yachting Association.

As this is a constantly changing situation, please keep visiting our website for any updates; members will be kept fully informed by email or post.

Latest Reports

Gunfleet's 2020 Work Weekend on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March saw the Club buzzing with activity as members rallied round to get the place all ready for the start of the sailing season.  Painting, creosoting, cementing, drilling, cleaning, digging, repairing, rebuilding....., the list was long but the enthusiasm was strong, and soon the jobs were being ticked-off as completed.  Hot lunch was served by the galley crew and, with batteries recharged, it was down to clearing the many tonnes of sand blown into the compound over the winter.  Compound Office Malcolm Jolly said, "The weather